PASTORS!!!! When you refer your church members to join Jessica Jackson Ministries Wealth-Building FAITH Careers, we'll sow generously into your ministry every week for the entire time your church members remain employed with us! Now you can buy new church facilities & temples with minimum loan borrowing or with larger down payments! CLICK HERE to learn how much we'll sow into your ministry every single week!

Jessica Jackson Ministries & Holy Estates® LLC.


Our Philosophy: Offering Jesus your 10% tithe is important to every Believer who believes their tithes belong to their local church. However, having a lucrative career is essential to helping them be obedient to their faith! At Jessica Jackson Ministries FAITH Careers, we make it easy for your church members to find a career perfect for their unique gifts & anointings! Please consider booking Jessica to speak to your church members about her awesome new FAITH Careers! 

Jessica's passion is real estate, however she won't work until you've connected with one of her dynamic FAITH Careers! Now you buy a new home/church with minimum loan borrowing! Contact Jessica NOW & happy purchasing!



Welcome to Jessica Jackson Ministries & Holy Estates®! We seriously started this company in 2009 with only one job position; Jobs for Gospel Artists! Now we have over 100 Wealth-Building Christian FAITH Careers & counting, & we think that ROCKS!!! Use our high weekly salary offerings to purchase the home of your dreams with minimum loan borrowing or to further the call of God on your life & ministry. PLUS.....Pastors when you refer your church members to join our Christian FAITH Careers, Jessica will sow into your ministry every week they stay enrolled in her WEALTH-Builder® program so you too can buy a new church facility or temple with minimum loan borrowing. We have REALTORS® available worldwide; so don't hesitate to contact Jessica at her real estate office today! CLICK HERE to be directed to her website at Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers in Atlanta, GA! We hope we can be a blessing to you & your church family for years & years to come!

Take a look @ all the scrumptious FAITH Careers we've created! They're just for YOU! CLICK HERE! to apply online. Oh, and happy home & church purchasing!!!

Religious & non-Religious jobs available! 

CLICK HERE for non-religious Work @ Home (Job Recruiter) Careers by Jessica!

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As your REALTOR®, I'm 100% dedicated to helping you experience financial wealth at one of my Wealth-Building FAITH Careers so you can buy a home with minimum loan borrowing! And with over 100 job positions, I know you'll find the career absolutely perfect for your divine gifts & talents in Christ. APPLY NOW!

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CEO & Founder; Jessica Jackson has joined forces with Atlanta, GA's largest real estate brokerage, Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate Metro Brokers. They're not only your One-Stop Shop; their the nation's leading lifestyle brand. And with over 17+ years of real estate industry knowledge & experience, she'll help you buy a home fast & easy! CLICK HERE to contact Jessica at her real estate office today! However, she won't work until you've experienced financial increase at one of her rewarding Wealth-Building FAITH Careers! JOIN TODAY!

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